Make Music Monday

This week's song was made in early October. It is a cover of a song from an artist that I grew up listening to because of my mother. I chose to do cover this song at the time because at the time someone assumed a song that I wrote was about them, when it actually wasn't. But it reminded me of this song and the 'mystery' around it, and how I always loved it. When I was looking up the song to sing and play I realized some of the words I had been singing wrong for years [hence the mess-ups]. I always think that is funny when it happen. So here is a rough first take of my covering it back in Oct:

This weeks songs are all about Monday and how it can suck after the weekend. In particular this weeks Monday in New York is the worst because it is freezing and is the prelude to a massive snow front we are getting on Tuesday that I am not looking forward to! So hopefully these songs will make it more bearable.

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