Make Music Monday

A new song! I made this one last week. I had been listening to music that reminded me of one of my ex-boyfriends and this song is homage to music that we would listen to a lot. Each section is to a different song or artist. I thought it was semi-clever. But also a true story.

Here I am, walking down penny lane.
Holding hands with someone strange.
This can't be anything, my dreams are playing on this street.
Shoot me up, let me down. I'll stay around. 

You'd think I'm a masochist clinging to you like this.
It's this memory that I keep, causes me such grief. 
I'm so happy to be sad, for this man I used to have.
If I saw him again, there's things I'd want to understand.
Build me up, kick me down, I'll stay around.

The wrong that I know I should feel, doesn't appeal.
Those thoughts that linger in my mouth, won't come out.
It's my privilege and a pleasure to be under the weather.
When I think of every hour spent when we were together.
Make me up, drop me down, I'll stay around.

This weeks playlist is all songs that remind me what it feels like to be in love.

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