Neat Nails!

This week I wasn't able to do someone's nails for a tutorial since I was sick and had no energy most of the week, so instead I will give you some tutorials that I found on the internet that I liked!

Water Marbling, I have seen a lot of this online, but never personally tried it myself.

Although the music isn't the best, I really like how she simplified doing lace.

Great Design with Matte. I need more Matte nailpolishes in my life!

I love this Vintage look, my nails never get that long, but if they did!

Lastly one of my Nail Stylist idols, Sophy Robson does her famous Rainbow Nail!

Also if that isn't enough nail fun for your week, here are some of my favorite nail blogs :

Sophy Robson : my number one, she posts her work from photo-shoots to runway and other fashion related things in between. 

Lacquerized : More of a what is coming out for colors and such. 

I Love Nail Polish : Great Tutorials and she posts magazine scans with tons of kawaii designs !

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If you would like to see some of my previous tutorials check here!


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