Make Music Monday!

This week I decided to share a song from a short-lived band I had before starting Jemibook. I was in this band with a friend in Palm Coast and we called ourselves 'Coriander'. Basically he would play acoustic guitar and I would attempt to play keyboards and we would both sing. I forget what our influences at the time were, but we both liked dreamy music. We even made a myspace page which has our two songs and two covers, impressive! My voice sounds so young to me in these recordings.

This weeks playlist is a collection of country songs or country ladies I grew up with. This was heavily influenced by country-pop cross overs on the radio and friends with mothers who loved country and being taken to parties out in the country on people's farms with my dad when I was younger. I love country music centered around women it always is very powerful and fun and danceable which is why I enjoyed it.

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