Etsy Favorites!

So my wallet is falling apart because I all my change so I decided that it was HIGH time that I get a proper coin purse, I went searching on Etsy for a few hours and found these gems! :

Italian Leather School Purse [ I am completely in love with this, and want it badly! ]

Camera Purse [ I am getting this once I get a point-n-shoot again, it is perfect! ]

Apple Coin Purse [ It was between this one and the one I got, but this is so adorable! ]

Vintage Gold Mesh Coin Purse [ I love this one because the chain is long enough to wear around your neck see ]

This was the one I ended up getting. Horrible picture, but perfect for me and my color scheme! Come to me my little baby!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I ended up getting distracted with regular size purses as well :

It is necessary for me to have this bag in both fabrics yes!

This one stuck out to me because of the unusual pink clasp, so pretty!

This is the summer bag for me seriously, red with black and white stripes and then gold accent, me to a T!


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