Make Music Monday

This song came to me in a 30 minute span on friday, between getting off of work and then heading to the zoo, I love it when it just works out so perfectly, especially because last week was sooooooooooooooooo busy, and then I got food poisoned yesterday and if I hadn't finished the song already I would have been shit out of luck.

Check out the song:

I wanted to write a song about dancing, I hadn't done so since 'Dance Partner' a million years ago. I've dated guys who didn't dance, or didn't do it unless they drank enough, but I think that everyone can dance you just have to let yourself go and not take yourself so seriously, and especially don't worry about what anyone else is thinking when you are getting down to your favorite groove.

Also I decided that I would start posting the lyrics on here, someone suggested it so here ya go:

"if you can't dance
then you have a slim chance of dating me
if you can't dance
then you'll have to probably get a lobotomy
to fix your head up
because you might be a little stranger than i can deal
if you can't dance
then you might want to take some lessons from Justin Timberlake

if you can't dance
then you've got a slim chance of dating me
and if you can't dance
then you'll hard time at the bar you see
because everybody likes to get their groove on
once in awhile it just might take a few more drinks for you

You've gotta do the moonwalk, or the twist.
Take on the salsa, you can dip me both ways.
When you're brave enough we'll move on to the waltz.
But for now let's just slow dance in the parking lot

if you can't dance
you've got a slim chance of dating me
if you can't dance
maybe that means you're a bad kisser
what can i read from these signs
that you're giving me
put two things together
are you good in the bed
if you aren't good on the dance floor
how will i know
how will i know
how will i know

if you can't dance.........
you're not going to get in these pants!!!!"

Well other than music, have a happy holiday thingy everyone, I think I am going to be missing work today, to recuperate from being sick all day yesterday and loosing my appetite and tossing and turning all night.. which is a pity, the one day that I actually wanted to work..time and a half is such a beautiful thing to receive!

See you tomorrow,


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