Make Music Monday / JemiJams Combo Day.

Wishful Thinking

So you guys don't hate me! Yesterday was super busy. and well I have real excuses but i guess it doesn't matter you are probably just like. what the hell I need my Make Music Monday song. so give it to me already.!

okay okay okay geezeee hold on!

So a little intro.. I just really wanted to write a full on sappy love song because I felt like I hadn't done one in a long time, so even if I'm not in love 'yet' I need to summon the love-beast from me.. okay well I don't know if I really have a love beast. but we'll pretend I do.. okay. here's the song

So I hope it isn't too sappy sounding.. what do you guys think. I did the lyrics and the uke part, and jav did all the other background magic. He described it as floating on clouds.. it was a struggle to get this song out this day my voice was just not cooperating and I had to do a million takes which I never have to do I was so frustrated.

Alright, well since I didn't get to post that yesterday there is yesterday's fun and here is today's fun.

I've liked No Doubt for a million years, they are the only band who I searched out and had to have all of their cd's, I asked for suggestions of what song I should cover this week and Bryant suggested this song. Thanks Ben for letting me use your computer to record it, soooo much easier than using my camera. Enjoy.

Other stuff..I was a hair model today [part of my excuse for being too busy to post!] for becca @ Moxie in Uptown and it was AMAZZING as usual, she makes my hair fall in love with itself. The Video above shows it's newness but you can't see the blue streaks and the gold streaks, hopefully I will be able to get a good picture of it soonish it took probably a collective 5 hours to get all my hair bleached and then colored and then cut and styled. Either way I love it to death as usual and we're growing it out, especially my bangs I want long swoopy bangs again like this:

Are you excited? no, well it's okay because I am.. I'm thinking that I want my bangs like that, and my hair at this length :

More Other stuff: there is a dress at work that I am coveting that is super cheap and I will be hopefully getting with this weeks paycheck!!! it's my latest clothing obsession, when you guys see it you will turn ghay for me right then.. okay maybe not really.. but maybe so? Finished more zine stuff, and am hoping that everyone who I sent zine stuff out to has received them, maybe give me some feedback? Have some ideas for this weeks song, which will hopefully flesh out tomorrow and thursday, and hopefully I will have a dentist appointment set up for this week so I can get this tooth out of my head forever! Also think I may be crushing?

Okay goodbye,


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