Lolita Update.

Hey Homies.

So here is a mini update on zine stuff.
I have sent out a TON of them, and I am out of 'The 15' so I will probably be picking up the ones that I put up for consignment so that I can sell them online, because I have no time to print out and make new copies of it this week. So if you want an issue from the very first run you should head over to my etsy and push BUY!

Otherwise almost finished with my latest zine that I think I am naming "Things I did for you today" I made a little video about it, but it's kind of blurry but oh wells:

I still want to re-do the layout for Lolita Issue 4, and will hopefully be getting to that next month, this month is ridiculous and painful and I'm trying to take it slow for the rest of the month so that my body doesn't kill me and I can get my teeth to stop hurting me.

In other stuff, those of you who have been following this blog since last year may remember a mini zine I made called "Madam Lovely Tights" which was based off a character I made up for a party that I was going to. Wellllll Madam Lovely Tights has been getting some love lately, she is soon to be featured in her first film, and she also performed a little song last night for the lovely Ms. Liz who needed some hardcore cheering up, here is the video for you all to covet:

Other things: Just started reading "The Lovely Bones" in anticipation for the film, I'm only on the 2nd chapter and I'm already hooked. This weeks MMM song is super lovey-dovey. I want this look completely,

and I have it down except for that hat, the closest I found on etsy was this

..any help guys? I started drinking Capri Suns again.

and I was gifted a super sexy smell that I have been longing for

Now I must retire to bed and read, read,read, fall asleep, go to work, die, come home,work on new song, read,read,read,fall asleep, go to work, get roots dyed by becca, go home, read read read, fall asleep, and then be a hair model on tuesday for becca for who knows how long, but I will be read-read-reading in the chair there!



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