Which Color Should I dye My Hair?

So I've been contemplating it once again, going UN-NATURAL! in my hair-color that is.. I've been a pretty good girl and I haven't dyed my hair orange/pink/green/blue/purple/etc. etc.. any hair color that 'normal' jobs say 'NO!' to, because well I have a car-payment/insurance/rent/phone bills to pay and I need the money the jobs give me........... so the last time I had my hair an 'un-natural' color was back in 2006:

Bright as Fuck Orange hair.. I loved it, wore it out constantly, did a Lee-Loo look a few times, and even stood out in Las Vegas on my 21st birthday in it..

Otherwise I've done Teal,


and Dark Green

This time around I've got two new colors in mind to choose from that I've never done before. .. . . and I want your opinions on this before I press 'send' on the order-form!

It's either [a] Special effects Sonic Green :

or [b] Special Effects Wildflower:

- - - - - - - -

Let me know!



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