Themed Parties.

Since I just posted this somewhere else I thought I would post it here as well.
I love Themed parties and get togethers, and for the first time in my life I live somewhere where people actually participate in dressing up crazy and fun and go all out, here are some of the parties and pictures from the past few months, most of these pictures are thanks to Liz, and a few from Mr. Sweet and a small sprinkle from moi:

My friends and I love to play dress up for parties, we want everything to have a theme, here is some of the stuff from the past few months:

Zombie Pub Crawl:

We also were invited to a Moustachio Bashio, and donned our best upper lips:

Then a 'dress like a musician' party:

And finally the 'We're a Rainbow' party!

Love themed get together's, we have plans for a dress like an animal party and communist party in the future, and many other to come!

Next post will be my birthday present post, because I got some sweet gifts!


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