When I was younger I would always save the best part of the foods I was eating for last, but by the time I got to eating them I would be too full to appreciate them.

Once I figured this out, I started taking the best part first, it's much more satisfying. I still eat too fast most of the time, but my tastes in foods have broadened over the years, things I never thought I would like, or couldn't handle the taste of I've grown likings to.

I used to drink soda/ fruit juices all the time, now water is my main hydration [thank you raw diet!] and special teas for specific remedies, my only vice is a glass of OJ every morning!

Food has always been an unusual part of my life, i.e. I used to be the kind of person who picked all the cheese off of her pizza and ate it first because I was afraid of choking on it, I had a weird phobia about eating out at restaurants and would get weird anxiety about it and only order salads and hardly eat them, I wouldn't eat green peppers or onions because I thought they were 'too spicy'.

I've become more and more aware of how much what you eat affects SOOOO much about your moods, your basic health, your long-term health, your mental health, how you feel from day to day, your skin-hair-nails-weight, some of it may seem obvious, but some of it really isn't, most people do not know that drinking while eating your meal inhibits digestion, or that just like combining certain chemicals in a test-tube in science class causes an explosion or nasty smell, the same thing goes on in your tum-tum when you add two things together that really shouldn't be mixing.

The whole science part of eating, and what goes with what, and how you should eat is never really taught to us, we don't take an 'eating' class in school, we may take home economics where you are taught basic 'cooking' skills like measuring and proofing dough, baking a cake and such forth but what about the connection between food and body?

Maybe a class like that would be beneficial to the youth of today who's health is becoming rapidly more troublesome.

To me it feels like it's getting better, but like my friend's say it's because I'm surrounded by people who eat like me, or are at least on a vegan/vegetarian way of life so it really is hard to judge, I know personally none of my family members all the way out to my extended family are of that variety, even those with varying health problems, they just don't get the connection well enough I suppose? My not eating meat or what-have you just seems like a fad / act of rebellion or that I'm one of those kinds of people, not many people look at it from the health point of view, which is the only reason that I chose this path in the first place.

It's not so much frustrating for me when other people eat the way they do, when it comes to food and what people eat I let them do what they will do, but not without educating them as much as I annoyingly can!

I love food, and cooking sooooo much, especially for other people.

/end happy food rant!


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