Things I like and want.

So I've been doing some etsy browsing lately, and here are some things that I think should belong to me :

I've been looking at some tapes to decorate lolita packages with, I've been considering these few which one do you like?:

Elegant Lacy Pattern



I also found a really great cupcake decorating etsy store and I want pretty much everything but these things most of all:

A big pack of all of almost all the cupcake liners

My favorite accessory color for everything now is gold so why not gold liners?

I can't say no to super small and cute heart cupcake frosting decorations!

And here are some other random things that I have been etsy-loving on:

nothing unrequited here by heather bell. I just love the look of this book.

This Sailor Bathing Suit. I feel like the Nautical look was just in, 2005 or something? I remember because my wifey really liked it and I remember picking up things for her when I went out shopping, it's back again, I wonder if she still digs on it?

This Rainbow and Hearts Hair clip should already belong to me, it is sooo 'Jemibook' it's ridiculous.

Love this, You can get it personalized to say whatever you want, mine of course would say, 'Jemibook'. Yes I have no shame in personalizing everything I own.

And Last but not least, some cute things for Daria to look Darling in.

This adorable Diaper skirt for when she gets her doggie period.

Lovely Bows in my favorite color combo's!

Some Simple Black Bows for when She's not trying to attract all the boys attention.

We would have to get this for her, because she's a tom-boy @ heart, her and her pop-pop are always rough-housing.

Since she's a small dog, they usually aren't supposed to wear normal dog collars when you take them on walks and such they are supposed to wear harnesses, we haven't got one for her yet [it's been too icy to take her out much]. So here are some I think are awesome.

Unlike humans, poor Daria will never grow up and choose her own clothes, so that means she'll get to blast my style in doggy form for her whole life! Score! That's why I choose this obnoxiously cute Heart Harness w/ skirt, I couldn't get away with it but she can!

An almost plain red Harness for everyday walks.

This cute elevated feeder, right now we're using household dishes for her food and water dishes, but once she runs out of her puppy food I have plans to switch her over to a Raw-Meat and Bones Diet, which is the doggie equivalent of the Raw Diet for dogs, I've already joined some Yahoo Groups to get more educated on it, but it will save us tons of monies on Vet visits and by just having an overall healthier puppy, Dogs are carnivores they shouldn't be eating over processed Dog foods with cereals and such in it. If you have a doggie you should check it out.

Raw treats on etsy for your puppy! Dehydrated Chicken and Liver strips

okay that's enough.Bye


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