Lolita Zine Issue 3 Complete!

After much whining and writer's block and other crap getting in the way.
Lolita Issue 3 is finally here! I'm happy it's finally completed. Because I have other ideas rumbling in my head for a mini issue and then another full issue.
Time permitting.

But on to the good stuff.
This issue is super special, because instead of the standard All "Pink" layout, that my zines have come to be standardized as, this one is a Jemibook signature 'RAINBOW'. That's right you get 6 different pamphlets each chock-full of strange information you may never wanted to know, and some you may want to know. Like how to be the best penpal in the world, or what it's like to work a food-service job, you'll learn about some of my past relationships, and if you and I can be best-friend's forever or not.

You can purchase my zine right NOW either on my etsy [ ]
or by sending me an email [ ] and we can exchange info. and payment that way. OR if you were one of the 5 people who commented on my blog to vote if I would make a new song or a new zine [doesn't matter which you chose] you get a copy for free.

For those of you who voted [we both know who you are]. Please email me your address @ . And I will send your copies out to you as soon as possible!

To everyone else, I worked super-hard on this issue, so I know you want a copy of your own. I'm also accepting trades if you are interested in that also!

Have a great day everyone!



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