So I got tons of things done today.

I had some old issues of the orignal Lolita Issue 1 reprinted, because they are getting sent to LONDON!

Along with the rest of the issues. To my loveliest wifey, Anastasia. She is going
to be selling some of these for me in London-town, getting the 'Lolita' word out on the other side of the ocean!

Send some of the latest issue of Lolita, one to San, and then some things to my pop-pop!

Returned a Vegan Cookbook I had to the library.

Ate @ this Mexican Sandwich place where they only had one option for veggie-heads, so I got mine without jalapeno's and Mr. Sweet got his without cheese. YUM!

Afterward we walked to the car and I flashed Mr. Sweet with my awesome SUPER Bright Gold Leggins! I had been looking for a pair of these [in my price range] for a year, I found some just a few weeks ago for $5 you can't beat that price anywhere, thank you Wet Seal!

We stopped off @ this place on the way back and picked up a Cupcake and a Brownie!

Then we randomly went to the movies to see the new Clint Eastwood flick, and we brought our baked goods in and ate them while some guy wearing some alien headgear in the middle rows decided he was going to be that guy that laughs WAY too loud and for way longer than usually, those guys are sometimes always the best.

Then I got home and freaked out. Okay this is my outfit from the day, that no one got to see because I was wearing my pillow [what I call my monstrosity of a jacket] all day. dag!

Also here are some random things that have made me happy lately:

1. ., 2. shot through the heart, 3. paris, 4. wishful thinking, 5. Cotton Candy, 6. I love you!

See ya's Later,


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