Kissing Techniques.

Well, I don't usually venture down this ally in my blog.
But sexuality/relationships and the like are a big interest of mine.
I talk about it quite frequently and openly in my REAL life. With my friends, perfect strangers, and prospective lovers.

I was just today talking about kissing techniques with a friend.
I've always been terrified of being a bad kisser, since the first time I had my first REAL kiss with my first REAL boyfriend, I've been perfecting my technique and getting in as much practice as possible. I enjoy kissing, I don't really know many people who don't. But it's kind of a mandatory thing for me in relationships, I can usually tell when I'm losing interest in someone when I no longer want to kiss them, or I don't kiss them of my own accord any longer. I'm not really good about hiding my feelings/emotions in that regard.

I was scared about being a bad kisser when I was young, in elementary school, I used to practice kissing with my girl-friends and boys who I had crushes on. But it wasn't until my highschool years that I thought I would be getting my first 'real' kiss from a boy that I started doing cold hard RESEARCH on the subject. I do things like this with everything that I get VERY interested in pursuing, I research it to death. But kissing, it's a personal experience, varies person to person, we all have a different set of lips a small or large tongue, maybe we salivate a lot? So it's all experimental even kissing is experimental I know.. geez.

But to my luck I found a website back in high school that could help me, give me tips and tell me about personal experiences. [ ] . It even had some kissing games included in the website. I remember keeping some of these games in mind, but not really being any less nervous about a future make-out-session.

When it happened thankfully my first time was a pleasant one, and I was able to develop my beginning skills with this individual and go from there. After that experience though it was all over the place. My prom night in particular was a very VERY bad kisser, to this day the worst of my life. WAY too much tongue and sucking of mouth was a major buzz killer. I've had the super sloppy kisser who's mouth was just way too big to be compatible with mine, the guy with the little darty tongue kind of like a snake in and out of my mouth, then the guy who bit my lip to the point of bruising, oh and I can't forget the bumping teeth guy.

So now it's been a good chunk of years since my first kiss, and I've come up with the three basic types of kissers I've come in contact with :

1] the soft kisser, going in for a soft closed mouth kiss, and then another maybe parting your lips slightly, kissing the top lip and the bottom, continuing very slowly sometimes barely touching lips..etc. in that way.

2] the passionate kisser, the first kiss is explosive, felt through the whole body, hard closed lips together, to take command and by surprise. continued by grasping lips top/bottom some sucking, a casual exchange of tongues, forceful at times, leaving you gasping and lustful

3] the tongue way, Tongue right off the bat. Forceful tongue, in the other person's mouth, sometimes to the point of running out of breath. Sloppy kissing followed by more tongue, sucking on tongue, mismatching of teeth and hard biting on lips, sometimes too much saliva.

All of them can be good or bad in certain situations. But I usually prefer #1 for first kisses, #2 for when I'm drunk and/or super horny. #3 very seldom usually someone else starts this way after #2.

Do you have the same experience, or some horrible kissing stories. Is a bad-kisser a non-negotiable to you? Do you believe in kissing on the first date? Is kissing a big part of your happiness in a relationship?


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