Dressing Up.

So I have been having a bit of fun going out and Dressing up lately.
I have been getting my lovely room-mates to take photographs of me before I venture out.
I wore this outfit the other day :

and I was named "Thrift Star of the Day' by www.painfullyhip.com
"The seemingly last minute addition of white accessories was a genius move, akin to cream cheese frosting on a carrot cupcake. Delish."

Ya for people who notice small details like this, because I do obviously. I was freezing cold though, I really need a fancy long wool coat to wear with my outfits.

this outfit I love. It's a remake of another outfit I wore when I lived in jacksonville, it's been over a year since I wore it, so I thought it would be okay to play it out in Minneapolis. I wore flowers in my hair that my friend brought me as a get-well gift.

This one was for some booty-shaking with my favorite female room-mate Liz-face. We were both two swanky ladies on the dance floor. I've done this double scarf deal before with a different outfit and loved the layering of the scarfs so I tried it out again with this outfit.


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