Dear Black Kids,

This is Jem, Jemibook that is. I'm just writing you to say that I've been listening to your album. I'm just writing to tell you that I'm sorry, but I don't know what happened but when I was in Jacksonville I hated your album [but I did love your live performance I saw @ jack rabbits in early 2007 where I was mistaken by some other person attending the show to be Dawn [back when I had blond hair]. ] . In Jacksonville I hated your album, but someone gave it to me and I had it on my computer so it would play occasionally on my itunes shuffle, but it wasn't until I left Jacksonville until I got it, until my dance-ears turned back on and it appealed to my 'wanting-to-have-fun' music time. I'm just writing to say that we can be friends now musically, I think you are all fine people when I've met you, and I still think it was weird how you would all eventually end up at the same parties/shows/places not together but one trickle in after the other, did you plan it, or was/is Jacksonville just to small and you all wanted to do the one best thing together that night? That's still strange to me, although I don't know if it still happens. So thanks for making the music, also I think that 'Listen to your body tonight' should have been your first single, other than the one that was chosen, it is my favorite song off the album and the one specific line 'hello, this is your body' line, I find myself saying on an almost daily basis, and every time I get drunk, I think it's hilarious to say this line, what a strange thing to say to someone in person. "hello this is your body". Oh maybe I'm the only one who gets that, but I think it's just a great line.

Okay the point of this post is because my room-mate Bryant and I [whom I collaborated on a Jemibook project with early this year] were talking about dance music, and how the lyrics are so simple and sometimes awful sometimes weird, and you wonder how they can really be saying those things, especially if you take them out of context and just say them in normal language.

This conversation prompted us to make a song on the spot, him sitting @ his computer me laying in bed about to sleep. We made up this song and decided that the only instrument we would have in our band would be Bass, and we would make up dance songs. We made up this song in about 5 minutes just throwing back words @ each other. Bryant came up with the bass part obviously. And we made this video before ever recording anything ever. We call ourselves 'Shit yeah, Girl!' and we think it's hilarious.

I hope you were cracking up.



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