So throughout most of my relationship history I've been the out-going dresser-upper. But the last year of my life I shared with an individual who paired well with my love for flamboyant clothes and dressing up for all occasions. We have since parted ways, for more compatible seas of love/friendship/and all the rest that comes with being in a long-term relationship, but through my flickr we've gotten a lot of compliments on our outfits and combination together so I thought I'd post some of my favorites on here.

This isn't saying that I need to be with someone who dresses up fun, but I do need to be with someone who doesn't mind a girl who likes to dye her hair any color of the rainbow, feels it necessary sometimes to do pin-curls in her hair to go to the grocery store, and will either compliment me on such or join in on the fun of making each day, each occasion of life significant in some way.


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