La de Da!

The Fetus made some super yummy Panda Pancakes via the special recipe card in Lolita Issue 2 [ the panda issue ].

You can check out her crazy fun-times making these in her Panda Pancake set on Flickr!

Here is some progress on Lolita Issue 3 for your viewing pleasure : I did the bottom 3 today. And the top right is a mini book that is going inside this zine, the front page is finished in color already in my sketchbook and the back page I already have designed I just have to put it in ink and color it, I also have an extra or two with this zine also, I'm glad that I finally was able to put those pages together today though it seems like forever since I made a new zine!

Here is the comission copies of Lolita Issue 2 that I will be sending out to the Sticky Institute in Australia.

This time I went back to Staples to get them copied, because I like their choice of cardstock, soo many different flavors of pink to choose from! And the original copies I had done by a local print shop, and now in comparison the new copies came out better, they are much more crisp and there aren't all the stuff showing from the actual copies, and the guy at the original place I got them copied said that it wouldn't be possible to not make that show.. I wish I could get my money back and rub it in his face. I have had a hard time with these copying places and getting my work copied through them, it's always a hassle and they are so rude and they are usually elderly men, it makes me mad, but I've been trying different places and every time I get a girl the copies come out much better and I have a better experience, so now I completely avoid the guys and ask for girls to do it every time.

So anyways, I made this run [ only 10 because that was the commission ] and I still have copies of the original left, but I will be lowering the price on it to $1.50 instead of $2.00 since I now know that it isn't the highest quality and it's not fair to sell something that I know I could make better for a small bit more, they are also still up for trade if anyone is interested! Also if you were thinking of buying an issue - you can continue to my etsy page and I will adjust the price, or just email me [ ] and we can arrange it through there.

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In other Jemibook news:

So I most recently quit working @ Chuck E. Cheese as a cleaning lady - this friday, and on the very last day that I worked on the very last hour this huge group came in. Over 200 kids [ that's more than any other time that have come in while I've worked there]. It was madness, I've become accustomed to the madness there, but I also found it strange that a LOT of the kids had brought their Nintendo Ds' and PSP's to Chuck E. Cheese, why would you bring a video game to an arcade? Anyways, It was crazy, and I'm happy that I won't have to deal with some of the things at that place anymore, and my gas tank is also much happier it's 30 minutes out of the way to drive there and 30 minutes back.. soo much gas!

My two new jobs are less than 10 minutes away and I won't have to wake up @ 6am anymore and I won't be working past 10pm, I'm pretty happy about those things, now I just have to make sure that the $$$ part of things lives up to the other good parts!

- - - - - - -

So that is all for now - good luck to us all in August!

Much Love,


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