Make Music Monday

Allo there mateys!
Another Monday another song for you!
It's been another week of strange events, some I didn't want to be a part of, some I anticipated, and some I embarked on for the first time ever.
This week's activities made me realize that I was no longer harboring that strange after-break-up feeling about a recent past relationship, the kind where you still think of the person when you see something in your surroundings that reminds you of them and think back with that sad feeling about how it all went down. I finally didn't feel like that for this person anymore and it made me relieved.
And in celebration of that, I bring this song that I made while I was dating them, exclusively for that person, I believe no one has ever heard this song except for them, since I never put it on the internet.

I like the song for it's shear happiness and optimism, I can feel where I was at that point in our relationship, and I don't have good reminders like this for my past relationships, to show that it was going good at one point and wasn't all gross and bad. Plus I don't really know any songs about Yo-Yo's or people who yo-yo so that also makes me smile.

T-minus one week for my 23rd birthday. April 1st! The day we move out to our new place and my birthday. We'll be having fun on that Wed. @ Square One, and I'm going to be throwing a little party at our new place the Saturday following my birthday. More information on that in a few days.

Also I'm planning [ if the tickets aren't already sold-out] to go and see Kimya Dawson at one of our local venues this Thursday. I haven't gone to a show in awhile now and from what I've heard of Kimya's music I enjoy.

Hope you all have a great week!

Much Love,


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