Make Music Monday

Good Afternoon Lovely Inhabitants of the Planet Earth!

I'd like to greet you and shake each of your little fleshie hands, but I can't.
So to make up for this lack of hospitality I will grace your ears with a song!

When I made this song, late last August I was so proud of myself, I was just learning some new ways to play songs, new chords and such, and the lyrics for this particular song were particularly special to me. When I first started writing music back in 2006 most of it was me dealing with the demise of my first long-term relationship, and this song was the final note of all of those bitter feelings and distant memories. This song follows the basis of our relationship from end to beginning. I was finally able to think of some of the good times we had had in the 2 years we were together and I could see the relationship as a learning experience instead of a disaster that I regretted.

Also I never presented this song online, so to almost everyone this song is a 'new' song, but I have played it privately for a few select people.

Not much new to report for this past week, my lover and I did some family things for the first time in our relationship, and we'll be going to Easter Dinner with my family in Orlando next weekend, so hopefully that will be good, I haven't seen my extended family in almost a year now.

Also, for those of us who are too old to go to Prom @ Highschool. Square One is hosting their own Prom this Wednesday thanks to the 'Are Friend's Electric' gang. I'll be there in my 50s Prom Dress ready to get my dance on with a few lucky people's! I'd love to see you there!

Until next week...

Much Love,


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