Make Music Monday

Well. I'm sorry about last week, I didn't even manage to post up a vintage-Jemibook song for your listening pleasure, I made up for it by doing an impromptu 1 song show @ my friend's art-show on Friday, if you were there and had the pleasure of enjoying a drunken Jemibook song I'm unsure if I should congratulate you or not, but I had fun doing a little bit of improv afterwards.

This week's song was inspired by all the feedback I received at the show, I set up a little table that I brought with a sign, some cd's, and Jemivision glasses, with some cookies I half-made and some Blueberry vodka with shot glasses, I think people enjoyed it because all of the items that were on my table were gone by the end of the night, It was a great place to spread the Jemibook-message, so I am very thankfully for them letting me to have it there.

Jacksonville, Florida, my current place of residence, I moved here randomly last May and have been living on my own now for almost 5 months, which is kind of crazy, and I'm planning on moving in the next month to a nicer location in the downtown area, that's another reason why I was kind of m.i.a. the last week [ but seriously there is no excuse!]. So as much as I do want to go live in a lot of different places in the world, I'm happy to live in Jacksonville right now and to have the opportunities to meet the people I have and get their feedback on what I'm trying to do. Most other places I've lived I didn't have the luxury of being able to go out and meet people often because of location and such, but Jacksonville is pretty accommodating for someone who is a cheap-o.

In other Jemibook-music news. Cd's will be finished tomorrow, and I will be posting them for sale on my blog and myspace for $7 which includes shipping in the U.S.A. I'm hoping to get enough money to get a professional microphone and such so that the quality will be a bit better than what this little laptop microphone is able to do. Also I'm going to be using up one of my shows that I must do before the year is up by playing @ ArtWalk @ Square One next month, it's still in the works, but I think it's going to happen, and for those of you who don't know about a Jemibook show, should know that I plan on making something special for those attendees. Plus I'd love to see your faces so I can be super embarrassed that you came to see lil ole me play some silly songs on a uke!

Not too much else to report, but I really appreciate all the comments I got on Friday Night at the Artshow it really made me realize that I love what I'm doing here, and that it's the perfect fit for me.

Much Love,


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