Make Music Monday

Good Afternoon my loves.

This week is going to be a glorious week for me.
I'm off work for the entire week, staying at my parent's house in my old town that i grew up in, babysitting my brother for the week, which doesn't really count as babysitting much because he's @ school from 8am-5pm. But I get to work on my music and art projects all week and free food and luxury accommodations compared to my dump of a place. I'm so blissed out it's amazing.

I had kind of a rough two weeks, besides Valentine's Day which was pretty amazing thanks to my lover Shawn who made us a home-cooked meal complete with wine and chocolate covered strawberries, it was so cheesily romantic I loved it.

This week's song wasn't as rushed as it has been in the past month, so I'm happy about that.

I was really in the mood for a slower song about life, probably was influenced by being in Palm Coast, i.e. a Florida city that is advertised in New York and New Jersey for people to come down here and live the rest of their days in sunny-happiness. It originally was just a retirement town, but grew into a strange little city filled with a million shopping centers and banks, it's still boring as crap here but I have a lot of great friends who remained here after high school.

Also I decided on making new cd's with some of my favorite of my new songs from Make Music Monday's, I will be hand-making the covers again, which I will be working on all week, with my new paints that I purchased from my tax return. I'm excited to present that to you all, and I've recently been contemplating doing another show, I'm still a bit apprehensive about it but I've become a bit more confident in my Uke skills recently.

So you can look forward to that and extra happiness during the week.

Have a great week.

Much Love,


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