Minneapolis Deux

I woke up Early and strolled around their neighborhood complete with vintage houses all with interesting quirks, cars quietly parked on the sides of the road, I felt like I was walking through the streets of the movie 'Home Alone'. The foliage was sabotaged with the quickness of the winter arriving and left some interesting remains like this :

I walked around and visited the local music store which neglected to have any ukulele's but the store owner seemed pretty helpful and sweet.
Checked out a pretty Bakery Window and this small Library down the street which was packed with friendly people and family warmth.

Later in the day we headed out for downtown and I ate some icecream

Everyone else just admired all the Pretty Decorations

It took me awhile to eat all that icecream so they had to kill some time.

We saw ipod vending machines and very expensive shoes, and left the skyway mall place and went out on the street to venture into a very majestic bookstore.

Lunch after that and then we drove to another part of town where we walked around and stopped at a tea shop

Where I enjoyed the most delectable Almond/Jasmine/latte while we collectively drew in the local newspaper and participated in particular topics of conversation.

Ventured to shops after that where we stopped upon an immense music store where they had the most fantastic collection of tapes that I've ever happened upon since the early 90s

Ben and I had been talking about great music from our younger days all day, and he ended up finding this great and simultaneous awful tape complete with all of the songs we had been talking about all day long and then a tape from the Conehead's soundtrack, we sung to them on the ride home.

Later in the night some Cranberry and Vodka's were made and a dance party ensued.
The Yogurt Dance was invented

And Skating in the house also

The night ended with plenty of floor dancing and a circle of crazy dancing.

Today will hopefully be participating in a photo-op with Liz and then a show later tonight.

Have a great Saturday,

Much Love,


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