On days that I head out to a soccer game or practice, I bring along my sketchbook, this time I brought all my watercolors, and painted this in response to this weeks.

I've still got to ink it and then it shall be finished.
The Theme for this week is 'Grow'

When I immediately thought of the topic I thought of two things, nature and conception. I added these two things together and came up with my piece. Now I just need a quality pen to finish the inking, this week!

Song that I'm currently Obsessed with :

Originally done by the Beatles, here is a cover by ' I am Kloot ' that I quite enjoyed especially because of the bit in the beginning about how his sister played it all the time when he was a kid, I hope that my brothers have stories like that. I know that I have influenced my brother musically, i was always playing on my keyboard when I was a kid, I had my first miniature keyboard at the age of 7 or so and the first song I learned was Greensleeves and then I just started picking up how to play things by ear and made up my own songs back then, and my brother recently got into playing the keyboard and has surpassed me which I love, I'm hoping we can work on something together in the future he's much more precise than I am at music.

Also just saw the Trailer for the new Bob Dylan movie "I'm Not There"

Looks like something right up my alley, I've been on a musical-movie kick lately. Although I didn't see hairspray when it came out.

You can see a longer version of the trailer on
Am I the only person who spends a few hours watching movie Trailers on I love watching movie trailers. But hate that they are doing an Alvin and Chipmunk movie, that's a piece of my childhood that they are going to mess up I can already tell.

Oh well, another day.
Tomorrow is Make Music Monday, I can't wait... hope you all had a great weekend.

Much Love,


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