International Zine Month (Day 7) Postcard DIY

Day 7 : Make some envelopes or postcards for postal week.

Honestly I have never heard of postal week - and upon googling it I didn't find anything either. But I love sending and receiving things in the mail so I really don't have any trouble appreciating the Postal service in general.

I found a lot of great DIYs for making interesting envelopes. But this Packaging Tape DIY really stuck with me. The perfect parts kawaii and futuristic to make me have to try it.

It's incredible easy to do. Just lay down three sheets of packaging tape slightly overlapping. Lay down whatever you want facing down - I mostly used glitter, tinsel and random bits of paper. Then cover with three more sheets of packaging tape and trim the sides. Super easy. Whenever you want to use it to write a message just write your message and tape it onto the postcard using more packaging tape!

Here are the ones I made!

Make some of your own for Postal Week!


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