Questions and Answers

1.The meaning behind my URL
 - it is the name I use when I play music on my ukulele, and liked it very much so I just made it into my blog name as well even though I obviously do not play music as much as I would like to right now. It is a combination of my name 'Jem' and the first computer I used when I started making music 'Ibook' :)

2. Weakness

 - energy drinks when sleepy at work - or when I feel like people need me to be 'hyper/out-going jem'. 
 - sweets - i get very intense cravings.
 - sexual intimacy - i also get very intense cravings.
 - pretty glittery girly things - if something catches my eye.
 - puppies - I can't help but squeal at them when I see them.
 - people with amazing style - hard to keep from staring.

3. Why I love my best friend

 - he gets me like your favorite book - but still keeps re-reading to pick up on the hidden parts you may have missed at another time in your life. 

4. Last time I cried and why

 - Friday Feb 15th - I was frustrated because I felt like I was getting another UTI, and I was tired of how helpless it feels I am to getting them even though I am doing every preventative thing I possibly can to prevent them other than being abstinent which I refuse to do... 

5. Piercings I have

 - Just my ears currently - but I have had my nose and septum in the past.

6. Favorite Band

 - I don't have one currently, back in the day it used to be No Doubt though.

7. Biggest turn off(s)

 - back hair, rude people, bros, sandals, spicy food, stinky body odor, people who don't keep their promises, not being punctual, bad kissers.

8. Top 5 Foods

 - Borscht
 - Cheesecake
 - Fish Sandwich
 - Pocky
 - Dried Cherries

9. Tattoos I want

 - unicorn/pegasus chest piece, continuing on the bf tat I have with benzie.

10. Biggest turn on(s)

  - good slow sensual kissing, good hair, personal style, passion, intelligence, being out-going, knowing how to cook, willing to dance/look like a fool, makes me laugh, eel, bondage, whispering secrets in my ear.

11. Age

 - 27

12. Ideas of a perfect date

 - (this date idea I came up for my blog back in 2011)

Bring a disposable camera, and go out into a busy area where you live with your ‘date’ [friend, whatever] and ask strangers to take your picture. Get as many people as you can to take your picture together [and make sure to do fun and different poses, experiment!] until you use the entire roll of film. Then go to your local target or whatever to develop the film. Take the hour that you have to wait for the film to develop [you did get one-hour right] to have lunch or dinner or whatever time it is. Then go pick up the film and bring it with you to a coffee shoppe or ice cream parlor and sit down and take out your sharpies and white-out pens and draw designs and write quotes on them. After this, go around town and tape/glue them up around your hood, tack them to message boards, leave them in the mirror @ Starbucks, hide them in magazines and books at Barnes ‘n Nobles, until you have no more photographs. 

Celebrate the fact that you are the most publicized couple in town with a non-awkward kiss facilitated by the mistletoe you keep in your back-pocket. 

13. Life goal(s)

 - Have my own garden that I grow mostly food for my family.
 - Have a fur baby.
 - Continue to be creative in some medium.
 - Always aspire to become raw.

14. Piercings I want

 - septum again.

15. Relationship status
 - Currently dating the loveliest bearded mister in all of bushwick. 

16. Favorite movie

 - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

17. A fact about my life

 - Since I was 18 I haven't lived in the same city for more than two years - although I am currently going on year 3 here in NYC... and I will be 28 this year.. a change is a comin'. 

18. Phobia

 - people touching my armpits

19. Middle name

 - Marie

20. Tattoos I have

 - Cupcake on my right side, Minnesota on my left shoulder. 


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