I know this isn't Livejournal...but let's have a throwback shall we?

1. Beautiful, Lovely, Intelligent, Creative, Sexy, Warm, Caring, Kind. I tend to think quite highly of my ex's almost all of my relationships have ended amicably

2. Most recent, went to karaoke someone thought it was a good idea to ask a friend's friend how big his man-hood was and this prompted him to buy me a tall-boy budweiser and show me in comparison to the can.

3. I can fart on command.

4. They are one of the few people I've ever let take a nude of me on their phone.

5. Six Feet Under

6. 'Totally'

7. Probably something Benzie and I were joking about that made no sense.

8. This year, Die Antwoord, Marina and the Diamonds, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Men Without Hats.

9. Don't celebrate holidays.

10. My pocahontas little girls night-gown I've had since the early 2000s and pink underwear from Forever 21.

11. According to my Last.Fm account 'The Smiths - Please, please, please, let me get what I want this time' is the song I've listened to the most... so it must be my favorite?

12. By dating his room-mate and bonding over the fact that his room-mate was an asshole when I stopped seeing his room-mate.

13. Probably seeing die antwoord with benzie and then proceeding to take our 5 gallon glass jug of sangria onto the subway while we rode to The Standard Hotel..where there was a huge line and I drunkenly thought because we had r.s.v.p.'ed to the event that we shouldn't have to wait in the line so I went to the front and said something about it and the guy just let Ben and I in even though there was no list.. ( i didn't remember any of this mind you, ben told me later the next day)..that was really fun until I busted my ass trying to figure out how to get out of that crazy club.

14. Probably move to NYC on a whim with Benjamin in 2010. I had absolutely no fucking idea what I was getting myself into.

15. None, but earlier today I was wearing a really annoying leaf necklace, and a pair of iridescent earrings that I luv.

16. spanking, passionate kissing, being whispered naughty things, sexting, bondage, wrestling, vibrators....i will leave it at that.

17. How about the one where I double-booked an okc date.


19. Well I think I already listed one up there, but some of the best times I've had are just us lying around in bed and talking about life, goals, wishes, stupid shit, how people in our past lives are now, and all of the random facts he tells me every day. That guy is my soul-mate true life.

20. Age difference in relationships...well that topic has come up a lot recently...I've dated guys mostly around 3-4 years within my age range..although a few have been a bit more. It doesn't bother me as long as you respect the person - and find them attractive than whatever man.


22. 'Haven't had a dream in a long time, see the life I've had, could make a good man, bad...'

23. Unfortunately yes. Which is strange because I have almost always promoted open-realtionships to the aversion of my former lovers...so it was kind of stupid when it happened..

24. I think it is unnecessary people are going to be attracted to other people given any amount of time we are only human...so why not just keep the communication line open, respect one another, and just allow for more than one person in your life?


26. I'm not sure..according to my stats for this blog '137 ' people viewed my blog this week. (thanks guys!)

27. I use spotify so I don't really shuffle anymore....

28. I don't have a best friend on tumblr, but if I could I would choose these people [ Burger Girl, CreepyYeha, and LandLockedMermaid ]

29. There are too many to choose, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the cd/ handmade booklet with explanations of each song choice that kish made me when we were first becoming friends.

30. #1 getting a hook in my finger when I was young and having to keep it in for hours. #2 Thinking this crazy drunken man was going to kill my little brother and I at my dad's house growing up. #3 hallucinating after taking too many sleeping pills. #4 not being able to eat for a week when I was trying to play like a break-up wasn't a big deal but actually was emotional fucking me over inside.


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