Year in Photobooth (VIDEO) 2012

I made this video for ya'll just to show that I care - and that I have nothing better to do with my Thursday other than take antibiotics sip water, and wait until my tofurkey defrosts so I can make thanksgiving tonight before we go out to karaoke. 

So kind of productive right? The footage in this video is from all of the random photoboothin' I've done throughout this year. Lots of changes of scenery and moving included. Me being ridiculous in one way or another - and some friends along the way of COURSE!

Otherwise..not much else is new.. found one of my old journals with a few stories I had written for Kiss & Tell (issue 2) that I started last year...jotted down some ideas for some newer stories, and others that I hadn't included in the first perhaps I will start on that. Went to the library near my house yesterday and picked up 'My Life in France' by Juila Child - while I wait for her other book 'As always, Julia' which is the letters she shared with Avis Devoto which I've been dying to read but haven't had the extra funds to splurge on buying - thank you public library system!

Work is fine and dandy - can't wait to get paid tomorrow, so I can pick up a couple more things for my room ( I really want my bed to be super magical with lace and drapes and even more twinkle lights but I haven't had the funds..and I want to get this as well but with casters so I can optimize my space and some shelves above my desk ..and lights...a rug...a curtain for my closet and loads of other things - but I am trying to take baby steps here...



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