Week in Video

Sorry - I was a little late in posting this video this week. I had it finished and all on Sunday as well. Shit just got cray once Benzie came home.
Last week was supposed to be my chill week - so I did mostly stay in, that was until Kish invited me to a 90s party - and I had dinner at the Surf Bar after work. The 90s Party was thrown by these people who's parties I've been to before - but hosted by completely different people - so that was a bit strange, but it still was packed, sweaty, and full of nostalgia. Dancing over at a friend's photography studio in Williamsburg also happened.
Also Sunday ended up at a rooftop party of this hotel in Williamsburg that has a salt-water swimming pool which everyone is going crazy about at work lately.

So far this week has been busy - but it's only going to become more so. Benzie and I decided to make special outfits for the Die Antwoord show on Friday - and we will be getting our tattoos as well! Ugh - plus I can't wait to dress up all lacey pretty for Marina and the Diamonds on Saturday night - I have a feeling this is going to be one of the best weekends of 2012 - or at least one of the most memorable. I will do my best to document it as much as possible.

As much as NYC and I don't see eye-to-eye most times - this is one of those times where I am really happy to be living here!


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