Week in video

The last two weeks have been absolutely nuts at work. But I've managed to make it a bit more chill by hanging out with my buffahoes after work most days. Benzie and I moved into our sublet for august into greenpoint - but of course not without some fun hiccups in between. Then he headed off to the Virgin Islands while I kicked it in Bushwick at an art party Lindsay was throwing. Discovered a new bar 'The Drink' which has the most amazing punches I've ever had. Finally went swimming at McCarren Pool which has loads of rules but was quite nice to have in our neighborhood - despite all of the police there. Held our first CrafterDay @ work where I helped people make flower crowns, and had way too many Donuts from Peter Pan and Sugar-Free Red Bulls at work. My diet took a nose-dive the last two weeks without having a kitchen - but I'm planning to get back on track this week - in our new bigger/brighter kitchen. It is so nice to be able to just walk to work or anywhere I want to go over here in Greenpoint/Williamsburg so much better than commuting for half an hour anywhere - plus a money saver no more metropasses!

Next week I plan on detoxing, organizing this place so it's not a hot mess - and finally starting on new music - I'm pretty stoked. bye guys!


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