Wedding in the Midwest.

So it had been nearly two years since I had been in the midwest and although I've been jonsin' to go back to visit Minneapolis this year I was due another midwest trip instead. 

 My first time to Nebraska! [sidenote: I almost moved to Nebraksa back in 2007 before I was considering moving to Minneapolis - now that would have been a strange turn of events] 

 I was headed there for the occasion of my boyfriend's sisters wedding. I had been trying to find the perfect ensemble's for a few week for a couple of the events and decided to throw a BBQ at his parents house so I could more formally meet his friends as well.

 It was an action packed long weekend - and it seems that whenever we are together [except for austin] I feel like we are always running around doing a million errands and never take time to just rest and relax when we are together. It will be interesting to see what it will be like once we both live in the same city. 

 Anyways, my impression of Nebraska was a good one, comical at points, typical at others, and I always love a destination that has loads of nature - but I am glad that I did pick to live in Minneapolis rather than Nebraska - the city life in NE is just not on the caliber with Minneapolis - which I crave.

 Everyone was lovely and very accommodating and friendly towards me, and apologized whenever there wasn't 'vegetarian' options - but I think they were not informed that I am actually a pescatarian - so bring on the fish entrees baby! I ate very well - at one point we went out for a delicious sushi dinner - that I can't believe we managed to eat that much sushi - but it was delicious. I made the boyfriend take me to my favorite food chain PANERA!!! because they are so scarce here in NYC and I miss everything about them dearly (I am slowly coming to terms with my carboholicness). We went for bowling and beers where the bartender was very surprised to find that not only was I of age, but I was actually 27! (gasp - yeah I know I can't remember how old I am most of the time anymore - is that strange?). 

 The actual wedding was very traditional and in a Lutheran church - it had been quite a long time since I was inside a church. The reception was at a hotel downtown and the spread was very accommodating and had a candy bar as well. My favorite part was dancing with the bf's grandmother who was a riot. She even gave me a little card with the sweetest message in it - my heart was warmed. 

His extended family was all very pleasant and invited us out to california for fun times in the future. My bf was the dj for the wedding and I mistakenly requested Justin Beiber's : Baby. Which would have been a hit in NYC - but in Nebraska was sacrilege - I ended up dancing by myself - but that's okay I didn't mind. 

 His families house was very charming it was weird to be in a house again where everyone talked to each other no matter where they were in the house by yelling from upstairs to downstairs. Also it had been a long time since I had done any family stuff like that as well.

 Anyways - enough of all of this blabber onto the pictures.


During the bowling time.


 The BF and I before the wedding.


When we went to 'Snowflakes' a snowcone place!

Close-up of my hair for the wedding.

@ the BBQ (photo by karin)


 So my BF has a secret - he is an amazing cook. I try to get him to make me something every time we are together. One of the first things he made me was the most amazing burrito. This was a breakfast version.


At the rehearsal dinner. BBQ Restaurant all the way.

This will be the 2nd time we have gotten disposable camera's for our trips.


 This is one of my signature faces when someone takes my picture - taken at the snow cone place.


giggly after some delicious sangria.


 Just so we wouldn't get them mixed up [by karin]


 The adorable card his grandmother gave me.


 The spread was delicious!


 Being reunited with HYVEE. It really is one of the best grocery stores - and frankly I was jealous - almost all of the grocery stores here in NYC are either (a) overpriced. or (b) they don't have anything that I want/need! So frustrating - all of their fake meat and fancy cooking things were sooo cheap and they had heirloom tomatoes which I always get excited about.


 Perfect highway dinner food!


 From right after he picked me up at the airport - scruffy beard and all.

And lastly, a collection of Polaroid's he took with film bought specifically for this trip. I am the worst person to be photographed i swear.


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