Video Flash Back!

So today I was thinking about picking up the ukulele and playing some songs since I haven't played really at all since early 2011. And I am a bit rusty - or at least my voice is. But I took a peak over at my youtube video at some of the fun videos I've made through the years - and it turns out I have a nice collection to do a little flashback of what I was doing around this time [April] for the last couple of years. It's always fun to see transformations, the video quality changes, and my style evolve.


Covering The Bad Touch - which is a cover I did for a show I played last year.


My best friend Benzie and I lip-synching to a Weezer jam while pre-gaming before going out in Minneapolis.


Covering 'Sea of Love' - I think I was actually sick when I made this which is why I look so sleepy - in St. Paul, MN.


My friend Haniel Hiaz and I out on the train tracks in Florida where I made up this song Burrito Yum-Yum - this was actually filmed using an old school camera with tapes and everything.


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