So here is a mis-mash of stuff that happened last month - starting with all full-body outfit shots :

- - - - -

Scored so many great new items at work, here were some :

Amazing Versace for H&M skirt I have been wanting to find some occasion to wear but haven't yet....maybe austin?

This super neat vintage Jetsons bathing suit...which was perfect because one of the big things I want to do when we go to Austin is SWIM...scored this bathing suit - I just have to fix it up a bit and should be perfect!

I never think to spend my credit on jewels...but I end up wearing them all the time.. I love the shade of this skirt as well - and it is ideal for riding my bike to work.

- - - - -

Which is something I was able to start - I have been riding my bike to work as much as I can, when it doesn't decide to rain - it is a nice alternative to the $104 monthly subway pass I have been getting for the past year to get to work every-day. Plus that's more money in my savings up for plane tickets to see the boy.

Also when he was here last time we picked up bentos, and have been making cute lunches that we share online with one another...here are some of mine from last month :

- - - - -

I became re-obsessed with Sailor Moon last month - downloaded all of the movies, and reread the Wiki article on it and discovered they decided to re-release the original manga that they re-translated and some other fun bonuses, they are coming out bimonthly super stoked about this... I have been spending much to much time trolling around on ebay for sailor moon swag lately as well.

For my birthday Benzie gifted me the first two books!

Speaking of my birthday, that just happened this past sunday [April 1st] I turned 27. This was the first year I didn't have anything planned except for wearing a cute new outfit. But it ended up being a really radical day.

Started the day by heading over to Manhattan, where I was surprised by wifey with a gluten-free strawberry shortcake, and a serenading of one of our favorite Hanson songs, and a pretty sweet Mixed Tape.

After the comic book store Benzie had booked us a spot at my favorite restaurant in the city...Pure Food and Wine! We went there last year on my birthday too...never tire of eating an entire meal made from raw foods. We decided to go mexican on it, shared a pitcher of sangria [one of our sunday traditions we started in minn-app but haven't done in awhile] ate loads of food, and both had awkward conversations on our phone at the same time.

We zipped over to BabeLand after that [a sex shop], because why the hell not..I hadn't been - and keeping with what we did last year [went to the sex museum] we needed to have some sex related store in on my birthday fun. We played with a few new toys I had been coveting online, and Ben left with the coolest jerk off toy for guys [in my opinion] that is out on the market now. Boys who read my blog you should really check them out, they just feel amazing to touch with your fingers - I can't imagine what it is like on your peen.

After that we went to go play Ping Pong at Susan Sarandon's 'Spin', but had to wait a bit for our table so we had these deliciously potent beverages the bartender recommended.

Kish showed up a bit after and whooped our asses - probably because he had only one of the potent drinks.

We ended the night at The Bourgeois Pig where Anastasia met up with us and they had a drink and I started on the water.

It was a good night - We all promptly got dropped off, and I went home and ended the night by skyping with my boyfriend.

So for not having anything planned it turned out to be a pretty cool birthday.

- - - - - -

Two articles I wrote went up on my works blog this month as well!

- - - - - -

Finally got to see 'The Hunger Games' on opening night with Benzie after waiting in anticipation for months. I need to see it again - but I'm kind of on the fence about it - the book was so good!

- - - -

I will end this huge post with this awesome Bento that Marcus made of he and I mostly because the next 11 days can't go by fast enough. He will be coming here and we will hang out for the Zine Fest I am tabling at and then we head off in the air for Austin TEXAS! Super stoked! ok bye!


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