Since I have been completely out of it the entire week with Strep I haven't been motivated to do much of anything. I woke up today for the first time and I wasn't coughing up my lungs and my throat wasn't hurting for the first time all week - so I feel like I can do some things other than lie in bed and watch entire season's of Grey's Anatomy.

So with only a sinus headache holding me back - I decided to get up on this here old blog and share some outfits I have been wearing the past couple of months - I have really been keeping this blog for just my personal life stuff only - and doing all of my fashion related posts over on my tumblr [ ] but why not mix it up - since I have time.

[shoes I DIY'ed for my works blog]

[I also diy'ed these shoes as well for my other blog]

[I bought this shirt simply because I wanted to dye it neon - I think I may actually be able to get to do it today]

[I also DIY'ed the orange top as well - it once was just a plain old men's sized american apparel neon orange tank!]

Also I was pretty inspired to post something fashion-related after watching this video from 'Fashion-Pirate' it is about a month old but what she is talking about has been relevant for quite awhile now. It's funny when I recommend blogs or fashion blogs to other people who ask I have to give a disclaimer about some of them. I don't consider myself a fashion blogger - I'm definitely selfish about posting about only what I am interested in at the moment - but I do feel like a lot of Fashion Bloggers try to come off like they are a one woman show - or that they are doing it all on their own - or that they are just like 'us'.
I have plenty more to say on the subject - but my head is a bit in daze to make words into too many sentences currently - so I will end it with that. I hope you watch the video.


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