Nebraska for Valentine's Day!

So I just spent the last four days with the boy that has been lighting up my life from afar for the past 6 months. This was his second visit here and so much more magical than the first visit. We talk to each other every single day and skype a few days a week for nearly the whole night so we feel like we are together all the time. But actually being together is a whole other ball-game for us. Whenever we are together he just makes me laugh and smile non-stop - we are super silly together, and not afraid to joke about gross things to each other as well, we are so comfortable with one another. We are romantic-soul-mates in my eye, [I specify because I have bf-wifey-soul-mate that I would do disservice if I didn't note the difference.] and this was ever more true this time than ever.

We decided that he would come kind of on a whim. We had planned on going to Austin this month to check out the place and see if we would like to possibly move there later this year - but we both got our tax returns a bit later than anticipated so we weren't able to get decently priced tickets in time. But I knew I couldn't go 3 months without seeing him so we both chipped in and paid for half a ticket for him to get his little tush here.

When the day arrived I took the hour-long subway ride to JFK and tried to surprise him at the airport but failed and met him at the subway stop to Manhattan.

The above picture was from the subway ride back. I smooched on him and we headed back to my house to drop off things and eat carrot dogs. We hung out for a few hours naked and then got ready to go to MoMo's to meet up with Brit and Benzie for dinner.

As you can see we were swagged out. I wore a new cardigan and he wore a fancy suit-ish ensemble.

I was drooling a bit.

Dinner was deeeelish - Benzie treated all of us to yummy food while his dungeon master also was there and talked into his ear. Benzie hired Nebraska to work on a project he just started so they also nerd-talked about that as well, as Brit and I caught up.

The next day was VALENTINE's DAY - and I was excited - Nebraska had already given me all of my gifts via the postal service and made me open up all of them the moment he got to the house. ALL of the gifts were so amazing and so perfectly me - I've never dated a guy who knew my tastes so exactly and knew what to get me that would make me squeal! Among one special item that I won't disclose he also gifted me with fun target tights, a handmade valentine [that he was quite proud of] a copy of a magazine simply because it had this awesome neon fashion editorial in it, and the most amazing NEON!!! yellow satchel! I have been freaking out about it all week since he gave it to me - and promptly switched from my green Cambridge satchel to the neon one... ooh god is it sooo good!

We also exchanged notebooks. [Story behind notebooks: when he came here last time we decided to keep little mini moleskine notebooks for each other about how we felt about one another and different things we did on the days together. We decided to keep the tradition going (and just have a keepsake) and we each kept a bigger moleskine notebook and tried to write in it once a day for all of the days we were apart about all sorts of things, we did some of the same writing prompts, and he drew tons of comics in the one he made for me, I tucked in little stubs and fun stickers.] This was something I was also excited to finally receive, he had shown me little pieces over skype for the past two months .

I felt like the worst girlfriend though - I had special ordered his gift but was unable to finish personalizing it before he got here - as I was SUPER busy with work and birthday stuff to finally finish it. So I decided to save it and send it when I could properly do it justice - especially after all of the amazing that he gifted me with.

We went out to Brunch in Williamsburg and started the day off delicious! Then headed out for some non-stop-shopping!

Nintendo World for video gaming, pokemon fails, and World's Largest Tri-Force.

H&M where I spent way too much money on sexy panties for the b.f. [I wanted to get him the David Beckham panties], but I also found another satchel [in white] to add to my collection [seriously want them in all colors and sizes!]. He picked up some choices items to add to his closet as well.

Headed to Sephorah where I picked up some essentials and we got some cologne samples for him to try out. Then to Barnes 'n Noble where he found a copy of the book that just came out that he did work in! We saw his name in the credits and his work in the book - it was all so neat. We are both published in books now - way to go us!

Pee break at Starbucks and then picked up some groceries at Whole Foods for a delicious home-made dinner by Nebraska. Everything he's ever made me was so professional and delicious. I've never dated a guy that cooking came to effortlessly for. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that he has worked in the industry previously before as well. We had yummy vegan burritos for Valentine's Dinner while watching 'Puss in Boots' which was kind of funny.

The following day Nebraska made us breakfast. Eggs inside of a green pepper baby with fakin' on the side.

Nebraska wanted to go to ikea after watching an episode of 30 Rock earlier in the week since he had never been so I took him on the scenic route [via Ferry] to the ikea. It was our first time in a boat together - and maybe his first real boat ride as well. It was kind of overcast that day but it was quite romantic taking the Ferry there - also it was empty on board too.

Here he is testing out the chair with his name.

Us testing out the mirrors. I'm wearing an outfit I picked out special for V-Day but ended up saving for this day instead.

Couldn't leave ikea without treating my boo to some Ikea cuisine. He had the signature Swedish meatballs and scarfed it down. We picked up a bunch of things, including new sheets for both of our houses, and some art supplies holders for his place. We passed the ikea-test and picked out a bunch of the same living spaces together and put some ideas in our head of what we would like our future place to look like.

Made a last-stop at Kid Robot for him to pick up some toys for his sister's upcoming birthday and some notepads for drawing, doodling, and devising ideas with.

Decided to make dinner and headed over to the Japanese market near my work to get some cheap delights - we also found that they started supplying Bento boxes and supplies and we both share a weakness for bentos so we both picked up our own and decided to get back into the cuteness that is bento-making.

He helped me with a project I am doing for work and then we passed out.

The last day I let him sleep in and picked up breakfast and treated him to breakfast in bed. We lounged around and I helped pack his bag. We bought plane tickets for him to come back in April for my Zine Fest and then decided to just book our Austin trip to happen right after that. So we will fly together!! I am excited about that because I was pretty anxious about flying again after all of my panic attacks last year. So we also booked our flight to Austin, now I just have to buy my returning ticket in a month or so. But it is finally happening!

*disclaimer : I'm not turning into a chub baby yet - I just need new bras that don't dig into my sides*

We ordered a car to come get him at my house so he wouldn't have to deal with the mess of subway stuff and he was headed back to his home.

I miss him much already, I was sad when I got home today and realized he wasn't going to be in my room when I got there. Thankfully I don't feel sad about our distance as much as I have in other long distance relationships - it wouldn't feel worth it to me if I was always sad. I'm so thankful to be with someone that always makes me smile.

One of my favorite moments while he was here was while we were on the subway we were joking around and talking about who knows what but as the subway pulled to a stop this girl who was sitting across from us took the time before she hurried off to tell us that she thought we were such a cute couple. Which always makes us smile even more, that someone would go out of their way to say something so randomly sweet like that to strangers. It happened to us 3 other times when he was here the first time. So I guess it means that New York approves. And you know if we can make it here we can make it anywhere!


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