Today is the first day it smells like fall in New York.

So had my first lousy day on Thursday for the first time in what felt like a long time. Yesterday was a bit better. Wore this to work :

Which got a bunch of different names from my co-workers. I just wanted to wear my new boots - and my hair didn't do what I wanted it to do so I just did this with it.

Around 10pm we had $hit Yeah Girl! practice - trying to remember to implement Ben's tips into our routine - Had a dress rehearsal as well with all of our props. It went okay. Getting there though. We have practice tonight after I get off of work - and then full-day practice on sunday before the show. Just to hopefully fine-tune everything and be precise! I am getting super stoked about it all as each day goes by!!!!!

The breakfast I made this morning - omelet : meat sticks - onions - feta chz

Oh, and I finally watched Hesher last night, sorry JGL I was not impressed. I am pretty poor right now until my pay check next week - otherwise I would have gone to see the new Ryan Gosling : Ides of March'. Soooooooon.

End today's post with some words :


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