Katy Perry whispering in my ear.

Took a day off yesterday considering nothing really happened on Sunday, except for working! But Monday I was able to finish the two above promo videos for Shit yeah girls! upcoming show this Sunday @ Glasslands in Brooklyn!

Thanks to Ben for making the paper-cartoon versions of Bryant and I for the intro on the new videos - and Bryant made the intros as well!

The 2nd video footage has a sampling of some of our new songs - and is quite a bit old now - from when I was still living in Bay Ridge and had SUPER bright red hair.

We had our first major practice yesterday in preparation for the show - with some of our props. We still have a bunch of props to make and things to figure out before the show on Sunday so it is kind of intense - but also exciting. I am happy to be performing out again - especially with Bryant he is so fun and goofy and I love our Shit Yeah Girl! characters!

If you guys are going to be around Brooklyn we would love for you to come out and get crazy at our show this sunday!

- - - - -

Other than Shit Yeah Girl! stuff I got two new pretty clothes items from my work on Sunday. One of which is pictured below :

I scored this amazing James Perse wine maxi-dress for $17 [well free because of using discount and store credit <3]. I have been having a love affair with James Perse lately - and I am happy this came in so I could add it to my collection of new fall clothes. Also this is a big deal because I am not too keen on Maxi dresses the last one I had was a hand-me-down from this ladies house I cleaned back in my 
Chicago days :

This dress is not nearly as good as the wine dress - plus I am love with that color on me. What do you guys think? I felt really glamorous but laid-back at the same time.

- - - - - -

Not much else to report for yesterday - work was crazy busy - and I found out Ryan Gosling is potentially dating Eva Mendes which makes me a sad lady - and I have been feeling the itch for a autumn lover but what else is new.


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