What Went Down.

This week was relatively tame. Worked loads and had fun times with all of the kids at Buffalo Exchange. We had our monthly meeting on Tuesday and had some delicious Vinny's Pizza and game-time. Obviously one of the most monumental things was Monday when I went out with Jason to see 'Drive'! [Which you can hear all the reasons to go see it in this entry I wrote earlier in the week]. Saved most of my going-out for the week though because I knew Philly was going to be intense. It didn't fail to be epic in all sorts of proportions even if there was supposed to be shitty weather. That's all I am going to say for now - check out the pictures below of the week for what it looked like :

Before meeting up with Jason for Drive on Monday I tried to go grocery shopping at Trader Joe's in Union Square but realized that was going to be a big headache - so I headed over to Whole Foods and picked up the necessaries - the delicious necessaries.

Also stopped into F21 to see what was new and saw this cute jumper that I thought my wife would love.

My co-workers found these spandex dance pants for Shit Yeah Girl.

Tried on these gorgeous Marc Jacobs boots, but they were a bit out of my price-range so I put them on the shelf and they were nabbed by a customer in the next few hours.

Tried this on as well, it fit amazingly well - and I didn't have to wear a bra with it, which is SUPER rare for my ladies. I ended up not getting it because I got jeans - which is something I actually need especially for the upcoming season.

@ the theater before my mind got blown.

Jason in an outfit he put together with the clothes I picked out for him last Friday when I was his 'stylist' for a day. I thought he did very well - what do you guys think?

Wednesday Laundromat Tattoos - The wife had a breast cancer one so we decided to represent on our ladies.

They re-paved the streets in Williamsburg [they have been fucked since last winter] and I really enjoyed the specificity of this sign - signed by Mayor Bloomberg himself.

A cute pup while drinking tea.

Cookies I made for Aja's bday.

Arrived in Philly and started with the crazy, Mike already had a group of people over and we were pre-gaming before going to PYT.

The first of many Shit Yeah Girl stickers to be spread around Philly.

Got right into it with Red-Headed-Slut-Shots.

Then the owner really loved the wife and I's dance moves so he bought us drinks.

The dj 'Ed Blammo' was amazing - another dj played as well and we were not impressed.

Stayed until the place shut down and called it a night on our first Philly event.

Saturday morning we woke up to a 10% chance of rain all day and copper as we walked to breakfast.

Waiting for our table.

The wife and Mike shared vegan dishes and I had french toast.

On the walk home we stopped at this cathedral near his house so we could potentially see the mummified priest inside of it - sadly we didn't. But I did find this gem.

We walked home and changed for the day and then hopped into mike's car to go shopping!

We stopped into a bookstore and I found a copy of the Communist Manifesto originally priced at 5cents in 1932 now up to $2.50 PLUS tax in 2011...what a mark-up! Ohh..and I forgot I colored my hair on Thursday night - I decided to go brown instead of black - this color is 'Light Auburn' what do you guys think? It's been a year and a half that I had red hair - I needed a change for a bit.

Stopped into a 'Fat Tuesday' for a pee-break and shared Mike's first ever alcohol infused Slurpee.

Picked up the amazing comic in the middle at a comic book store. This is supposedly from a local artist - They didn't really have many zines there sadly.

The wife was obsessed with us going to this place to get Vegan Chicken Cheese-steaks. They were delicious!

After shopping and eating we decided to kill some time getting mojito's at this bar whose tv was playing the most ridiculous drunk and disorderly cop videos. It was entertaining - and then Ja Rule was sung.

Back to the house before going out for the night where we got pumped by some phat beats and underpant gloves.

Went Gambling after that @ this massive casino that just opened up that I have been wanting to go to every time I've been in Philly to play the roulette tables of course. Mike became addicted to it, and the wife and I played for a bit before losing all of my money - hah.

Headed to The Barbery for a dance party. They had two separate ones upstairs and one downstairs - and it was completely packed the floor was bowing from all of weight of the people in there. They were doing throwback 90s/00s songs all night and I was sticking loads of Shit Yeah Girl stickers on all of the ladies in the room - the one picture is from two ladies who were dancing on top of a pool table. The DJ computer one was a covert operation from my wife. Loads more were given to gangsters and a lot of gay boys who fancied my glasses and bootie dancing with the wife. My friend Greg showed up as well and gave us a drive home in his mini-coop. Out of control party for sure. We passed out around 5am.

Woke up 4hrs later and went for Brunch at El Camino which has the best vegan hot-wings.

Then bummed around for a bit - the wife took a nap and mike and I talked music before heading out to a local coffee-shop/record store that he loves to go to and we had sketch fries with sauces before saying goodbyes.

- - - - - - --

All-in-all an epic weekend. We drove there and found it to be cheaper than taking the megabus - and the trip there goes by so fast as well. This post was massive.....okay bye.


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