It has been awhile since I did a style post. So here is a vomit post of all of the stuff I have been wearing for the past couple of weeks!

First things first, I'll eat your brains! Or not..this was from forever ago now - maybe a month? But this was the first and only time I've worn my coveted Unicorn dress, that made me start my woodland theme for the Fall!

On a shopping trip with Kish the day I got my really bad cold I wore this outfit. Here @ Diesel.

My 2nd take on the woodland creature theme. Got the top from my first trip to Crossroads. Another store in williamsburg with the same concept as Buffalo.

Brought out my pink dress for the themed day we were supposed to have at work after the Hurricane.

On a day off going very casual with the spice girls.

I wear this hat when I don't want my roots to show mostly. Or when it matches perfectly.

Casual - I think this was when I was sick.

Last week I was really feeling my jean jacket!

Woodland creature in full effect for shopping adventures.

My last time ever wearing this dress before it made its final trip to the trash bin.

It has been getting a wee bit cold this week so I whipped out my wool dress for work.

I don't really know what was going on with this outfit, but I threw those shoes away after this last wear as well. I have just been realizing that I have a lot of old things I have been holding on that have been worthy of the trash for awhile. Working at Buffalo has just made me WAY more aware of the condition of the clothes I have been wearing.

Love this burgundy top I got at work for super cheap a few weeks ago. Perfect for woodland creature!

What I wore yesterday for my day off. I got this dress from Brit Brit before I left Bay Ridge when she was cleaning her closet out. This was my first time ever wearing it. I got some lovely comments on it though.

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: Style Inspiration :

I have been dying to post all of these!

I have been needing a backpack exactly like this for a long time

Love,love-love this color!

I have a little collection of collars but never get any use out of them. Hopefully this year.

It's hard for me to stay away from the bright colors even though I am going for a more neutral palette for the fall.

This would be perfect for Shit Yeah Girl!

Hair envy of the highest degree - dream hair!

I had a dream someone gave me this ring.


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