On the Zine Scene!

Inside you’ll find secret brews for Natural Dyes,
scientifically proven tips for indoor Gardenings, a sweet and savory mix of Refreshing Recipes, and enough charming drawings to last all spring! All this contained in a small (4.15" x 2.7"), fully colored, fully detailed book ready to be shipped at your will. Buy one for yourself, and mail one to a friend!

A zine about love. Whimsical black and white illustrations tell the story of two lovers completely smitten with one another. The zine is dotted with simple statements which tie the images together to form a loose narrative. This forms part of my ongoing series of original illustrations featuring lovers. 

12 pp zine (including cover) Laser printed onto 90g/m off-white cartridge paper. staple bound. Black and White.

I made this zine for anyone that is interested in beginning crochet. It has simple instructions on how to start and end projects, giving the basic skills on how to crochet scarves (lines) and hats (circles). There is some fun stuff in here; it was all hand drawn by the hands that are typing up this description right now.

Margaret Kilgallen (1967-2001) was a painter and a graffiti artist, a member of the Mission School art movement in San Francisco in the late 1990s, along with her husband, painter Barry McGee. Kilgallen was prolific in her short career, which ended with her death in June 2001. This zine is about my search for more information and insight on Margaret and her work, and tells the story of my own artistic journey as well as thoughts on art in general.

The pages were constructed by hand and then photocopied: layouts are composed of typed text, illustration, hand-carved rubber stamps, handwriting, and collage. The cover was block-printed from a block I carved by hand and printed on paper bag card stock. The zine is quarter-sized (4.25 inches x 5.5 inches), and is 24 pages long (not including the cover).

'The way she goes...' was compiled by Willow when she lived in Japan in 2006. The zine is a collection of thoughts, stories and advice to inspire women who travel, or would like to travel.

A great gift for a friend heading out on an adventure, or to get you inspired to take that first big trek! 30 pages, in black and white, staple bound.


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