Film Review : Drive [2011]

So here is something I hardly ever do on my blog, because frankly I haven't seen a movie that has been like woah that was amazing and everyone didn't already know it was going to be amazing [i.e. : Inception]. I think that this film has gotten mixed reviews, or the trailer kind of made it come off like it was just going to be an action film and so it has been getting pigeon-holed when it really shouldn't.

I went to see the film yesterday night only because my friend Jason was dying to see it and wanted to have a friend come along with him. I had seen the trailer but wasn't too impressed other than the fact that it was Ryan Gosling and I want to see everything he is in ever.

The first thing that struck me when it started was the great slick 80s font they used, and then the music started and I was instantly hooked. If nothing else great was going to happen in this film I was going to be looking up the soundtrack. Here is a great snippet of an interview with Johnny Jewel who mixed entire the thing to get a taste of how well thought out each song was for the film. Another good review that simply sums up the feel I got here :

"While the 80s synth sound evokes some of Giorgio Moroder's darkest moments (Scar Face), Martinez turns to some of our current electro hipsters for about 25 per cent of the proceedings"

The movie did make me feel like it was a modern day Scar Face. The film is considered to be 'slow starting' I suppose since it is classified in the 'action' sector of films by the general public - since any high action bits don't happen until later in the film. But I was captivated from the first scene of Gosling's cool precise demeanor as a getaway driver in L.A.

For those of you who don't know what the film is about at all here is a little snippet of the plot:

In “Drive” we follow Driver (Ryan Gosling) an unnamed mechanic working in Shannon’s (Bryan Cranston) garage, Shannon who also manages him gets him extra work as a stunt driver and also as a wheelman. As the story follows we see in the beginning Driver’s skills behind the wheel as he helps two robbers evade the police. With that skill Shannon has been trying to get Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks) to provide backing so that he can buy a NASCAR racecar for Driver to drive. And after Bernie witnesses Driver’s skill on the track he agrees to back them. Around this time, Driver has become involved with his neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan) and her young son Benicio (Kaden Leos) after her car breaks down and Shannon offers Driver’s services to drive them around. Slowly they start to become more romantic, when suddenly her husband Standard (Oscar Isaac) returns home from prison. Later after Standard gets beat up because of the “protection” money he owes, Driver offers to help so as to protect Irene and Benicio from the danger that has been threaten on them.

When it came to the brutality in the film I was completely not expecting it to happen. Subconsciously I knew it was going to probably happen at some point in the film, but it went from suspenseful to extreme brutality in some instances without too much warning. But I liked it, I jumped at one point and made comments during the other bits but afterwards I left thinking - what a fucking bad ass. [trying so hard to not give anything away]. The way that Mr. Gosling plays those parts are my favorite, how he reacts after each time - like it is a surprise that this just happened but also with the same calmness that he has throughout most of the film.

Lastly I can't neglect to talk about his ensemble. Perfectly chosen for the film, character, location - couldn't have done better than the White jacket with golden scorpion stitched on the back - signature pair of driving gloves and toothpick effortlessly between his lips. I can only hope to see 'The Driver' costumes all bloodied up this Halloween - that would make my year.

Here is to hoping that I have thoroughly convinced you guys to get out this week/weekend and go see 'Drive' you will not regret it! If you need more convincing go check out the high praise it's gotten over on the ever so popular Rotten Tomatoes [ 92% - what what! ]


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