Jemibook RETURNS!


So it has been over three weeks since my last post, and I have been going internet-crazy over here. So much has happened and been going on, I thought that before getting back to my regular updating I thought I would just make a giant post to catch you up on what has been going on in my life.

This is what the first week looked like :

Spent all of my Dollar Day Dolla Bills that I saved up for a month @ Food swings, where I scarfed down delicious pizza fries and a yummy vegan shake. If you've never been there you need to get on it pronto! Foooooooood COMA!

This was the week of my homeboy Kish's birthday so when he had tickets for the sold out Sufjan Stevens show on Wednesday I jumped at the chance to go with him. I picked up a Vanilla Bean Frapp in his neighborhood while waiting for him. Starbucks are super rare in Brooklyn and I always take any chance to grab an intense sugar rush.

The show was absolutely incredible. This is definitely in my top two live performances I have ever seen in my life. All of the costumes, lighting, and displays were 'off the chain'. It was in prospect park and the sound was better than the cd version. I was thoroughly impressed, so much so that we all refused to use our umbrella's to watch the show while the entire crowd got rained on for the three hours that Sufjan performed. It is by far the best show you will see all year.

Also can't forget to mention the opening act 'Diamond Rings' whom I saw last year at CMJ and was very impressed with. His dance moves and ensembles are something to aspire to.

For Kish's actual birthday we went out dancing at Home Sweet Home where we met up with Bryant and some of his new room-mates. They were doing some 90s throwback and some other mixes in there. Always a good time until it gets way late and way too fucking hot down there. On the subway ride home we memorialized his 27 year.

The 2nd week without internet started off with the weirdest subway ad of my life. Probably just the oddest ad period.

Then my wifey finally arrived on Friday! We freaked out, unpacked her car and then headed off to a going-away work party.

We decided to be a little matchy, especially with our best friends medallions being back together again <3

We all met up at the woods (known for getting WAY too out of hand) and everyone brought their friends as well - Kish and Bryant showed up and so did Ben and Brit Brit but they left before the crazy started happening.

Carolyn offered her rooftop up for continued partying at some point in the night since she lived right around the corner and we all made the trek over - taking the elevator up with beers in hand.

Buffalo Exchange Photo-ops!

We ended the night with this magnificent photograph and then headed back and crashed at Kish's house. It was a night for the books.

The last week without the internet consisted of building our room together, and building lots of ikea furniture - at one point staying up till 4am drinking wine and building a loft bed. ooh man, the day after we celebrated with my wifey's first ever McCarren picnic!

Wifey brought amazing russian spreads, and we both had our Lou Reed tapes to hold it down on the musical front. Kish, Bryant and Mat-Pat joined us later and helped us drink the 4 Liters of sangria that Wifey insisted we get - it was the biggest thing of Sangria I have ever seen. Needless to say we were quite tossed by nightfall - hah.

The rest of the week we spent doing things around the house [somehow I worked through all of this as well]. And Friday we went to Manhattan and I had her be my personal barbie doll so that I could do work projects. Later in the night we danced to Aaliyah in the car ride to meet up with our friends at Barcade for video games. We also managed to do massive amounts of karaoke @ Tacu Tacu as well.

Overall it has been a summer to remember. Every time new plans come up and I think to myself, "I'm kind of tired, maybe I should just stay in tonight" I remind myself 'IT'S SUMMER!' I have time to sleep in the winter when I won't want to go out at all. This Summer in New York has been the best, and made monumental with my wifey being in my life again! We are constantly giggling, reminding each other of old inside jokes, singing S Club 7 songs in the streets of Manhattan, boy-talk all the time, eating loads of delicious russian pickles, spending $6 on extravagant juices @ Dean and Deluca, planning our new blog - halloween costumes - and road trips. Coercing far-away friends to move to New York so we can all hang out and have too much fun every day of the week. And just making these the best days of our lives all over again.

I definitely feel like the luckiest girl ever right now - I really do have it made. I guess I didn't realize how much I missed having my wifey in my life like this.

To end this post off, here is a short video of the past three weeks!


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