My rowdy years.

At work I have been feeling a bit old, especially considering I am older than most of the other employees there excluding probably the managers. It got me to thinking about what I was doing around their age, and although it isn't a lot different than now - working, partying and being creative - there is something about it that is distinctly different from now.

Thanks to my constant cataloguing I wandered over to my flickr account to see what I was doing around 2007 [my 22nd year of life] to see was my life looked like. Here is a peek :

I had my first car, a two-toned Dodge Spirit, and I had bought these foam letters to spell out 'Jemibook' and bought powerful magnets and put them on the hood of my car. Why not advertise on your car?

This was before the time that Polaroid had gone out of bizznass so I was taking loads of polaroids.

I was constantly working on creative projects.

I was given a pretty little Beta-fish I named 'Bruno' who later killed himself.

Took a trip in a bunny-costume I had hand-made the day before.

The house I shared with two of my friends from high school was the first time I had my own room since high school.

Went on a million st. augustine adventures, this one we had created what we called 'indie-tennis' where we would dress in costume and blast music from our boom-box and mostly dance.

Driving in the middle of the night with the windows down arriving to the beach in the twilight and experimenting with lights and cameras.

My room became more and more interesting with each trip to the thrift-store. I also was obsessively practicing the ukulele when I picked up my first one.

I worked 30+ hours at a deli and also was in college full-time, whenever I had a spare moment I got goofy.

My room ended up being the hang-out spot because we had no furniture in our gigantic living room.

Bored days, I would dress up Edie inspired and take photographs of myself in our living room.

Decorations for a 'Rainbow and Penis' party we threw at our house. I decorated the wall in streamers, hung a communist bed sheet I had hand-painted for a lover, and I found the vintage twister at a thrift store.

Did I mention that I went thrift shopping constantly. The ones in Florida are the best, and I was commuting 45 minutes to school at least once every week and would pass them.

Inspired by 'The Science of Sleep' I hung dreamy little clouds. 

Planning on moving up to Jacksonville and looking at apartments my car died on the highway. Adventures!

Moving to Jacksonville I went out to the token 'gothic' club which had 50s rockabilly nights on mondays.

Growing out my hair, constituted mini-pig tails sometimes.

Every place I lived I had to decorate the walls as much as possible. My room-mate and I got on a kick of making 100s of origami cranes and hanging them throughout the house.

New friends = new music I filled my ipod to the brim with the beatles and the shangri-las at this time.

TSI in Jacksonville was always out of control.

My first room in Jacksonville was huge and allowed me to leave messes whenever I wanted. There is no time to clean when you are either working or out of the house having fun everyday!

Friends took up to starting a soccer league, and I took up to using my lovely canon constantly in these days.

Inspired by a friend I made this piece that I sent to him in a tube filled with origami cranes.

On the occasion that you make the mistake of drinking your first Steel Reserve. 

Intimate parties that involved breaking of furniture, complete clothing switch-a-roo's and painting on canvas.

Around the time I was working two jobs [ Chuck e Cheese and Publix] this was what the contents of my purse contained. 

Halloween Parties at 'The Black Kids' house complete with disco ball.

Rowdy days and nights while dating the guitarist from 'Buffalo Tears'.

Minneapolis trips where you just meet people who get that to have a good time you have to just be silly and let yourself go.

Exclusive house parties filled with bros and ladies who are much too underage.

Getting your septum pierced on a whim after day-long adventures with a sweetheart of a lady.

Trashy Amy Winehouse for an epic Halloween bash at 'The Pearl' in Jacksonville.

Banding together in the only place I lived by myself in to make x-mas cards for a friends family.

Playing my first show in a park.

Hangover friendly foods at Panera.

Saying 'Yes' to all circumstances and getting yourself into the most fun.

All-in-all I look back on that time fondly. That year was full of a lot of random fun situations, that I have no idea how it all fit in there and how I had the time for it all, but I am really glad I made the time. 


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