Happy 4th of July!

Sorry that this blog has been severely neglected this past week. I have been trying my hardest to keep up with what I had going on with the blog before I started my job two months ago. But it has been a bit intense. For which I am not complaining. I love working at Buffalo Exchange, and this past week I was doing early morning training and we also had inventory so it was pretty crazy. But I did make sure to have some fun in between all of the work. The above video is a combination of footage from two weeks ago and this past week. As you can see we have been doing a lot of karaoke - thanks to Bryant Boo moving to town. Those of you who don't know Bryant is the other half of my other musical group 'Shit Yeah Girl!'. We had a lot of fun with it in Minneapolis, but are hoping to get together and start doing shows here in New York - when we get it together I will be sure to blast about it on here. But for now here is a video from our last performance in Minneapolis :

We also had a picnic on Saturday in McCarren park before heading to Barcade for game playing and boozin - summer fun is definitely in full-effect! I have been debating on if I should continue with the week in video or if I should start taking more pictures and doing a glimpse of my week that way. What do you guys think?

To help you decide here are some pictures of what I have been getting into the past week :

I had dinner with my homeboy Kish after I got off work on Wednesday, we met up in Cobble Hill and had dinner at this Asian fusion place and I got this delicious pineapple shrimp fried rice!

Waiting for the subway but peep my new converse lites. Still very much stoked about them but my feet hurt so much after this work-day. I forget that you need to break shoes in before you wear them to work.

Thursday I had some time between when my shift ended and when inventory started so Bryant met me in Union Square and we went to Lush and did some karaoke.

While waiting for my subway to come this week I noticed this. That is sooo many layers of paint.

After getting off work on Friday I hung out with a friend and walked around Williamsburg had drinks and this delicious unfiltered creamy cold sake [which I sooo recommend everyone try - it is way better than hot sake] and then headed over to the waterfront for a lovely view.

Picnic in the Park on Saturday. Complete with Apples to Apples game - Sangria - tons of yummy snacks and good tunes!

These are just a collection of random things that I saw around town this week. I kind of love collecting those bathroom stall life lessons. The last photo I saw yesterday when I went bar hopping in Manhattan...are they suggesting to live in a storage unit? I mean that is basically what you get anyways in Manhattan unless you are Jay-Z.

I finished reading this last week, and I think I was mislead. It was recommended to me by a few different blogs I read and when I read it maybe i was expecting something different. But it was quite a bummer. So I picked up Bill Bryson's : A Short History of Nearly Everything from amazon.com for $5 for a change of pace. Which I am also hoping will last me a bit longer, I have been busting through these books on my subway commutes.

As for the music that has been filling my ears lately. Since I lost my ipod I have only been listening to music when I get home, although at work the other day this song came on :

My co-worker and I originally thought it was Thin Lizzy. But it seems it was this band Diamond Nights who according to their Wiki were influenced by them so it makes sense. I ended up downloading their 2005 release 'Popsicle' which turned out to be a pretty great record and I would recommend it to those of you out there looking for something new to jam to.

Otherwise it has seriously been Fleetwood Mac NON-stop! I can't get enough. I have a fever and the only cure is more Mac!

Not much else to report. Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!


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