Best Friends means. .

here is where I can type in the lyrics to a 'Taking Back Sunday' we were both into in high school. Or not.

I am getting pumped up about having my wifey back in my life on the regular. So I decided to make this post of a snap of us through the last decade of our friendship. We met our freshman year of high school in Biology Honors class. Fancy stuff - I was the awkward kid with huge jnco pants who came in the middle of the semester, and she was the awkward Russian kid who wore huge giraffe shirts - clearly we were destined for best friend for life status.

The first picture I have of us together. This was on Anastasia's birthday in 2000.

For some reason we thought it would be cool to make videos of us lip-syncing to songs on her webcam and recording it. Only a few more years and it would be the 'youtube' thing to do.

Boxing in public near the fort in St. Augustine.

A spontaneous dip in the ocean with just our under-garments after visiting 'our' place St. Augustine.

After we had graduated High School, in the bathroom at her house [a place we spent a lot of time in, dying each others hair and doing random 'goth' photoshoots]

A drawing I made of her from a picture she posted on her myspace when she was in college down in Miami/ft. lauderdale.

At the Ibar in Orlando.

We both had white pups as well, my pup : Flava-Flav on the left, and her lovely lady Laika! Even our pups were bff's when they hung out.

In the fancy bathroom's at Flagler College in St. Augustine.

At a Halloween party in our hometown.

She always made my birthday's special.

Once we ventured back to our hometown [Palm Coast] there were some new places to explore.

For a music video that we tried making for 'Little Asian Girl' which is about her.

Before my first performance at a venue she was by my side!

Getting Electric in Jacksonville.

Birthday Party at My house.

Birthday Party on the town.

A few months ago for my most recent birthday! It was the first time I had seen her in nearly two years.

Now she is coming for good! I am excited for our continuing adventures!


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