Okay this post is going to be massive, I have been taking outfit photos but not had the time to upload them sorrrrrrry!

Work outfit, probably the most tame one of the week. Messy hair, and these silver jeans I have had for years that I got for free from working at macy's I donated them to buffalo's charity after this wear though, I realized they were too tight and uncomfortable to wear any longer and I already have other pants to replace them.

Wore this on my day off on Friday, which was planned for picnics in McCarren park but ended up being day drinking all day around wburg, karaoke, getting lost @ the Cove and other ridiculousness with friends.

This was for Saturday, which left me not working @ full-power and a bit hungover, so I kind of did a similar look because I just couldn't be bothered.

Sunday's outfit was all about my NEW shoes.. you guys know I have been looking for my own pair of the converse lites for awhile now and Century 21 got them in finally. I bought two pairs for a super amazing deal! Also the specs are new as well from my work, I loved how vampy they were.

Forgive the darkness of these pictures, I had to wake up at 6:30am yesterday to make it to work for a meeting. This is a skirt I got at Buffalo before I went to Philly. Kind of in love with it.

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