Make Music Monday

In the summer of 1993 I was 8 years old and in 2nd grade, but I sure knew how to boogie down and have fun at the daycare my mother sent us to. Every summer is marked by the music that reminds you of those long summer days, Popsicles staining your t-shirts, and chasing your crush around the swing-set. Even at the newb age of 8 years old I was obsessed with music, that is the music I would hear blasting from my miniature boom box I had acquired from a birthday at some point in my childhood. I would put in my blank tapes and record my favorite songs off the radio and listen to them over and over again even though i could easily hear each of my favorite songs every hour on the radio since that was just how the radio worked.

Each summer I have a band that dominates the parties I attend, the picnics I arrange, and the speakers of my home computer and car or ipod on my daily commutes. Their music envelopes what I remember the summer by and instantly conjures up certain events, people, and moments that stood out among wine-infused afternoon lunches and cheap beer card-games.

The summer of 1993 stands out to me because of the variety of music that encompassed it, from r&b to pop, to that specific strand of dance music that never made it's way out of the 90s.

I dedicate this MMM to the 8 year old version of myself. Here is some of the music I sang in the back seat of my best friend's parents car while we drove to the mall to buy jewelry at Claire's and watch 'The Sandlot' while falling in love with Benny Rodriguez.


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