So here is what I wore on Saturday for our picnic drunken-fun time. Nothing too crazy, just laid back and I added some suspenders to jazz it up a bit.

Today I wore this, super laid back outfit. The hat and pig tails help when I don't bother to straighten or curl my hair. I originally was running around doing errands all morning because I had an appointment to go, but that got canceled so I had extra time and instead of succumbing to my sweet-tooth I decided to go shopping and try on things I can't afford but would love to add to my wardrobe, below is the evidence.

I liked this one because I have been looking every-where for these types of distressed band-T's and it has been pretty difficult.

This dress instantly caught my eye because it was shiny gold flake. So futuristic and flashy. [I know it looks silver in the pictures] Only issue with it, is that it is completely see-thru in the back. What do you wear with it? maybe a bodysuit?

When I picked this one up off the rack I was a little let down that it was not my size [I am a small] but I had to try it on anyways, I loved the zippers and the little train in the back, and the color and pattern were also high marks. On, it was a wee bit big, but the train was so much fun on this piece.

This one for two reasons. #1 Bowie. #2 this looked like something I could make. So I wanted to try it on to see if the fit looked okay or bad on me.

Now this one was the opposite of the other one. It was an x-small and it still fit me, I would just have to worry about it rising up and showing my booty, but that is always remedied with tights or leggings. This one I liked the most for sure. I know exactly how I would style it, and it would be great for dinner and dancing.

I also ventured to the shoe section without much luck. I found some keds I will probably pick up when I get paid on Friday, for a steal $20. Then I stumbled upon these sandals. Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely loathe sandals. But something about the straps and the fact that they are jellies and gold glitter appealed to me. The $14 price tag didn't hurt either. I didn't get them, but I was surprised I was interested in them.


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