Philly Phun.

Went on a trip to Philly this past weekend with my friend Mike. It is a surpringly quick 2 hour drive there that really feels like nothing. We bought a disposable camera in Brooklyn before we left to document the weekend.

[This was right before Mike went absolutely nuts over the Double Rainbow we saw on the way there]

[Pit stop for gas]

[Keith's 'Ask me about my zombie shirt' shirt]

[@ The Barbary fun 50s beach dance party!]

[Posing with the Blondie bathroom]

[Breaking it down on the ride home]

[Neighborhood walks with secret gnomes]

[Bumming out listening to records, hanging with cats, and checking the interwebs.]

[Karaoke for the win $$$]

[Sight-seeing and photo-shooting on scooters]

[ending it all with kitty stretches]


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